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 On  and  from   01-07-2011,   Individual,   HUF   and

 Partnership Firms liable for Tax Audit shall have to submit Income Tax Returns Compulsorily under DIGITAL SIGNATURE only.



 Following  amendments  have  been  made in  the Income Tax Act /  Rules.

 (1)   Section 194-C : 

When deductor has not deducted tax at source from the transport operator when transport operator has given P.A. Number, the deductor shall submit these details to the Department in the prescribed format. 

(2)   Rule 31-A :  

Assesees who are required to submit  Quertarly Statements in  Form No. 24-Q, 26-Q and 27-Q shall have to submit the same  ELECTRONICALLY in the following cases :

    (a)       All Companies

    (b)      Firms, Individuals and HUFs who are liable to tax  audit       

               in   the immediately preceeding year.

     (c)      If the deductees’ records are twenty or more.



Returns to be filed Electronically

Amendment dt. 09-07-2010

(1)  All companies to file I.T. Returns  in Form 6 electronically only with digital signature.

(2)  Partnership firms  liable for u/s 44AB audit – to file I.T. Returns in Form 5 electronically  as was done herebefore. (with option to file with digital signature).

(3)  Individual and HUF assessees liable to u/s 44AB audit to file I.T. Returns electronically (ITR-4) (with option to file with digital Signature).

 (4)   Returns filed under digital signature need not submit the verification of the I.T. Return in Form ITR-V.







Change in TDS Rules brought in March, 2009, have  been postponed. Hence TDS made in June, 2009 and henceafter is to be deposited  in Challan No. 281. And also Quarterly Returns of TDS in Form No. 24Q and 26Q for the Quarter April – June, 2009 are required  to  be  submitted before 15-07-2009 in old forms. New form Nos.17, 24-C, 24Q and 26Q are postponed.