Lt. Chandrakant R. Sharedalal


Lt. Chandrakant R. Sharedalal

B.Com, FCA

Late Chandrakant R. Sharedalal, our esteemed Senior Partner and Founder, had an illustrious career of seventy years of experience as a Chartered Accountant in India. He had authored many books and was a regular contributor to professional magazines. A respected speaker at seminars, particularly on Direct Taxes, he served as President of the Chartered Accountants Association Ahmedabad in 1971.

Late Chandrakant R. Sharedalal’s expertise extends beyond the written word. He was a prominent voice in professional magazines, including those published by the Chartered Accountants Association Ahmedabad and Current Tax Reporter, penning a regular column titled “From the Courts.”

His specialties included:

  • Assisting clients with Income Tax and Wealth Tax matters, including representation before tax authorities and advice on tax deductions.
  • Providing guidance on legal documents such as partnership deeds and agreements, as well as wills and family settlements.
  • Conducting audits for Public Charitable Trusts.

Late Chandrakant R. Sharedalal’s vast experience and expertise are invaluable assets to our firm and clients. The firm shall always be indebted to him for the values, systems and the culture that he has given to the firm.